5 reasons to train and study with NOVALASH

  • Theoretical and practical training in small groups. Every month NovaLash organizes monthly courses to teach the applying lashes technique. The groups never exceed 6 students who are always taught by the artists of international level.
  • The variety of when it comes to training with NovaLash. They distinguish between two types of courses, the first is to acquire the skills necessary to take a path to success with the model that the brand. The first course teaches the classic technique where the student will obtain the knowledge of different lengths and thickness of the eyelashes. This training is linked to the purchase of a kit with which you will be able to profit from the investment as well as having extra material while learning. There are two types of kits for the classic volume; the starter kit and the complete kit. Secondly, NovaLash has the American Volume course where you learn how to implement the American technique to get the desired 3D and 10D volume.
  • High quality products. NovaLash has a scientific team that carries out continuous investigations. Throughout the years NovaLash obtained numerous awards and certificates where prestigious magazines and the public chose the company as the best international brand. Among the products stand out the ultra fast drying medical glue, sensitive eyes and Platinum Bond.
  • Lash to lash technique in less than two hours. The NovaLash technique leads to a much more durable result compared to other brands besides it is able to be applied in a record time. How? The answer seems to be easy but in reality it is achieved with experience, realizing the extension in all the lashes and of course using a product of a high quality. The ultra-fast drying glue allows to speed up the artist’s hands which leads to applying more eyelashes in less time.
  • Support in your new adventure. The NovaLash training courses last 8 hours in a face-to-face format (theory and practice on real models) but after the one-day training the professionals of the brand will be responsible for supervising the period of student’s practice. After that the student will be able to obtain the brand’s certificate and to be considered as a NovaLash certified artist.

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